Pedro Reyes, Selected portraits from Citizen-Delegates, 2013. Documentation from his exhibition The People’s United Nations (pUN), Queens Museum, New York City. Photographs courtesy of the artist.

I first found out about Pedro Reyes’s project the People’s United Nations (pUN) while attending the 2013 Creative Time Summit in New York. There was a booth in the auditorium there for recruiting individuals from all over the world to represent their homeland as part of the exhibition at the…

Artists are both ruthlessly independent in one way, and rather dependent on another more ground level way, that is characterized in attachment styles that resemble the process that keeps them so involved in making their artwork in the first place.

Painting by Romina Bassu

It is a paradox at the level of the Ego…

Peter Merritt

Lacanian psychoanalyst, in the artworld. I work with artists clinically, with life and practice, as one unconscious process.

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